Monday, September 29, 2008

A new week, back on the trail

Our Father,
Thank you for who you are and how you work in our lives. Lord, I pray for our country and the choices we as a nation will make in the next few weeks. The time is short for the message of truth to be told. Raise up voices that will shout the message of truth loud and clear. Lord, I ask of you to hold back the lies and slander. Help the people of our nation to understand that we can except each others views with respect without agreeing with each other.
Lord, I see two choices before us. Lord help each person to make a choice based on facts and not fear, or untruths

Lord, Sarah and Senator McCain will speak in Ohio today. I pray for clear speech, a great connection with the people. I pray for truth to be spoken and not half trues but the whole truth. Let people see good, see hope, and desire to join in the choice of reform. I know that Sarah and Senator McCain are people just as we are and they like us have made mistakes. Lord, let us understand that any leader other than you will never do everything perfectly. Lord, let us look at their hearts and see if good is there and if their motives for this office is for the good of our people.

I have looked at Sarah and I see a mom who loves you and her family. I see a women who desires for her kids to have a better world to live in. I see a citizen who desires for all of us to have a government that will not be corrupt and take from us but to help us be safe, and live in peace with ourselves and our neighbors. I see a person who desires for the nations of this world to protect us from those who desire to harm us. I thank you for what I see. Give her truth and wisdom today.

Help Sarah as she prepares for the debate on Thursday and Lord, I pray that you will give her the freedom to speak her heart and the wisdom to do so. Thank you for giving her the courage to run for VP.
Lord, I pray that your will be done for her and our nation.
I pray all of this in Jesus Name

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