Monday, February 16, 2009

Let them hear her words

Lord, thank you for giving Bristol a chance to speak. Thank you for her courage and her spirit. Bless her life. Teach her to walk in your ways and guide her family in all they do. Bring people into her life to help her become the women you designer her to be. Thank you for all the young mom's who choose to keep their babies and raise them the best they can. Help them all with this monumental task. Give them the wisdom that they need.

Lord be with her as she talks to other teenagers. I pray they will listen and hear the wisdom she has learned. Let her warnings be heard. I pray that she will carry your message of waiting till marriage. Your ways are better than our ways. Help her to learn this lesson in life.
In Jesus Name

Great Job Todd

From what I can see the 1st Dude made it home safe from the race. It looks like a 6Th place finish. Good Job!!!!

Lord, thank you for watching over our lives. Thank you for providing us with pleasures of seeing your world. We enjoy it in so many ways. Thank you for all those who go out into our world to enjoy what you have created. Be with the Palins on this day and keep them safe.