Thursday, October 2, 2008

Debate day is here

I hope she will have time to run, read the Word, and eat healthy.

Prayer points for today
Truth will be spoken
Wisdom from God
That Sarah will decrease and God will increase
Safety in travel
Good walk through
A comfortable place to prepare today.
A overall great day.

Dear Lord,
As you have been my strength in the last days, I ask for you to lift up Sarah. Thank you for the life experiences that you have given her in the past which have prepared her for this day. I pray that she will lean on you for her strength and wisdom. I pray that only truth will be spoken tonight. Take away all fear from her mind, body and soul. Protect her, keep her in one mind and spirit. I am thankful that you are her Father.
Lord, be with her family today. Calm their hearts and give them assurance that you will be with Sarah today.
Prepare hearts and open minds for what is to be said. Make the differences of each ticket very clear tonight. Help us to choice the leader that will move our country forward.
I pray that thine will be done today and tonight. Let us remember that your ways are better than our ways. I love you Lord and I am grateful that you love me. Thank your for giving our nation this choice to make.
I pray in your will oh, Father.

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