Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank you, Father, She stood her ground

Great Job Sarah!!

Our Father,
We thank you for last night. Thank you for the strength you provided. Thank you for the humor and candor. Thank you for the wisdom and clear straight talk. Thank you that what Sarah said came clearly to us with out filters. Please make know the lies that were spoken last night clear to the American people. If he is willing to lie in a debate Lord what will he do in a more important national crises? Lord make the truth come out.
I am grateful for the fact that Sarah was not fearful. She did not let others push her around. She stood her ground. Thank you for helping her to do all that she did. Thank you for answers to our prayers. Thank you that her family was beside her, it was good to know that Todd wanted her to have her family there. It was good to see Mom and Dad there to support there daughter. Thank you Lord, for Sarah.
Use her in a mighty way in the next month and the rest of her life how ever you deemed best for her and her family.
Thank you Lord. We have been blessed by you.
With a grateful heart we praise you.
In Jesus name

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