Saturday, October 11, 2008

God's plan

Every power, every hinge on which history pivoted, involved God's plan.
Ravi Zacharias

thank you for having a plan. Thank you for using each one of us. I am glad that Sarah is part of your plan. I am glad that she is willing to run for office and to serve our country. Lord, protect her through these next few days. Protect Todd in the events that will unfold in the next week. Thank you for their willingness to stand up for what is right, even when it cost.
I pray for the children on this day. Be with Trigg as he grows, help each step of his development. Send the right people to help him learn to love you. Lord be with Piper on the weekends help her to have some time with one of her parents. Be with Willow as she deals with what is being said about her family, keep her heart tender and willing to forgive. Thank you for Bristol, and help her in the last three months of her pregnancy. Keep her child safe and help the child to be healthy. Lord, I pray for the father of her child that he will be willing to be a great dad and wonderful husband to Bristol and the child. Thank your for Track and all that he is doing in Iraq. Help him to walk in you each day. He will have many life lessons in the sand, help him to learn them daily.
Thank you for working in our lives and country. Keep all the men and women who protect our freedoms safe. Lord, help us here at home to protect our freedoms that are being threatened during this election. Lord, all I can pray is thine will be done. Help me to except your will. Use these events to bring others to Christ.
I pray all of these things in the Name of Jesus

Friday, October 10, 2008

Your mercies are new every morning

Good Morning Lord,
Thank you for being our hope on this day. You have blessed us with a new day and I know that your mercies are new this morning. Thank you for walking with me today.

I pray for Sarah and Todd this morning. I pray they will be able to spend sometime together soon. I thank you for their friendship and I pray that their love will remain strong through this hour.
Lord, protect Todd's heart and help him not to become hard at others who say horrible things about his friend, lover, mother of his children and wife. I know that he desires to protect her. Let Todd know that you will protect the family.
Today is under your control so Lord I ask you to remind Sarah through a word spoken or read, maybe even a hug, that she is loved by you, that you have called her and you will walk with her through this day. Lord, let her see your mercies on this day. Bless and protect her children.

Thank you for this calling not only on Sarah's life but, now on all of our lives. Help us to be better informed citizens with the power to impact our land and change the attitudes of this nation. Help us to be the guiding light for our children and our country.

I pray all of this in the
Name and power of Jesus Christ.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Swing States

I know that you have a plan for me and for my family. You also have a plan for our nation. Lord, help me to wait on you and except your plan as it unfolds. Lord, as you know we are in an election year. I would love for this race to be comfortable and know that we are winning but, Lord, your plan is for us to learn to trust you and wait on you.
Lord, as Sarah moves about the country and in these swing states help her to speak to not only to the nation but, with the families in these cities. Lord, help her speech to be sure and true. Give her the right answers with a cheerful spirit. Thank you for her spirit and attitude. Lord, I pray that she will have time to be with you, time to run, time to rest, and time to be with her family in some way. Lord provide the right opportunities to speak to the people of our nation. Thank you for her and her commitment to this race. Bless her and her family today. Let your light shine through her.
In Jesus Name I pray

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Back to Work

After more research I see that Sarah and Senator John McCain will be in Bethlehem, Pa and Strongsville, OH.
Pray that people will come to the rallies and that the truth will be spoken clearly so that America can make the right choice on Nov 4Th.

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Thanks Lord.

I pray for rest

I have searched high and low to find out where Sarah will be today but I have found nothing. Tomorrow she will be in Waukesha,WI, Mosinee, WI and Wilmington,OH.

I feel at a lost as to how to pray today. I will simply ask for rest. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. I hope she will enjoy a peaceful run today. Sometime to spend with you, and time to spend with the family in some way. I pray she hears from Track soon. Help her find a peaceful spot. Lord be visible today.
I pray in Jesus name

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How to answer everyone

Colossians 4:6
Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone

Day after day Sarah is answering questions of all types. Some are helpful and some are hurtful. Lord I pray that her conversation will be full of grace and seasoned with salt. Lord, I pray that she might rely on you when she speaks. May truth be spoken and a clear message proclaimed. Today, she has three campaign stops. Give her the strength, wisdom and joy to do all three. Bring the people to hear her and Lord, Help them to encourage Sarah today. Let her know that we appreciate what she is doing and the sacrifices she is making to be our VP. Lord, help us to stand by her in prayer today. Protect her and keep her. Bless the kids today and be with Todd.
I pray in Jesus Name

Monday, October 6, 2008

Keep up the good fight

My favorite YouTube video yet,
McCain-Palin the Ticket that fights for Middle America

May it encouage you today.

Thank you

Thank you for sending your comments. They are very encouraging. I am sorry I have not figured out how to post them to the right day. They are all being posted to the first day I blogged. I hope to fix this soon. Sorry for my mistakes. Thanks again. Robin

Counting down the days

Each morning means one more day closer to Nov 4Th. Stand firm, Remind yourself as to why you are fighting. Pray with out ceasing. The Freedoms we hold dear depend on us today.

As I read through the emails and blogs America's future can look very scary. I know that evil is real and it would love to take us down. It desires for Christians not to have the freedom to speak of you freely, to pray to you openly, to honor you as our God in public. It wants us to run and hide. To put our light under a basket. I say no! Lord, I say let my light shine. Let the world see you and your love. Lord, help us protect our freedoms. Let us stand steadfast no matter the cost. Let us fight for you. Lord, protect our land so that our children can learn of you. Lord, Let your will be done on November 4Th. I can do all thing through Christ that strengthens me.
Lord, let the true motives of evil be reveled today so people will not be led astray. I am the Way the Truth and the Life no man comes to the Father but by me. Thank you Jesus for being my Way, my Truth and my Life. Thank you for being the only Hope for this world.

Today Lord, be with Sarah and her family. I know that Sarah will be in Florida for the next two days. Lord bring the people by the thousands, help them to hear a clear and truthful message. Lord, Help Sarah to speak the truth with the authority that only you can give her. Place a shield of protection around her and her family. Lord, Track has been on my heart the last 24 hours. Be with him today for only you know what he needs, Lord I ask you to be his provider. Keep him safe. Keep his unit safe. Make their way straight. Thank you for the men and women who serve our country. Bless them today.
Lord, provide a blessing for Sarah today. Let her know that many are lifting her up in prayer. Let her feel your presence around and about her on this day. Lord, bring scripture to her mind, Holy Spirit empower her so that others will see Jesus through her. Bless her staff and the Secret Service detail that shield her everyday. Let them see Jesus.
Thank you Father for your many blessings.
We trust in you for our tomorrows, for we know that they are in your hand.
In Jesus most precious name I pray.