Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 2

We Give Thanks to You Oh, GOD
For Your Goodness
For Your Justice
For Your Love
For Your Salvation
For Your Holiness
For Your Righteousness
For the Beauty of Your Creation.

Lord,Thank you for the Palin Family.

for Creating them.
for using them.
for their faithfulness.
the love they have for You and our Country.

Thank you for the union of Todd and Sarah.

Thank you for Track who is keeping our country safe.

Thank you for Bristol
keep her safe.

Thank you for Willow help her to enjoy this time
Thank you for Piper, thank you for her smile.

Thank you for creating Trig, thank you for the Love around him.
Thank you for this family, protect the unity and love they share.

Thank you for Sarah.
Thank you for her love for you.
Thank you for her willingness to serve you.
For her willingness to be guided by you.
For her to speak of her faith.

For her ability to speak out about the needs of our country.
For the love of life and desiring to honor each life.

With a greatful heart
I pray in Jesus name

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