Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thank you Lord

Lord, Thank you for the courage the Palin Family have had in the last few weeks. Continue to strengthen them as the stand for you. Help them to protect their children and to speak out for what is right. Provide for their needs and keep them in your care. Thank you for them.
In Jesus Name Amen

Monday, February 16, 2009

Let them hear her words

Lord, thank you for giving Bristol a chance to speak. Thank you for her courage and her spirit. Bless her life. Teach her to walk in your ways and guide her family in all they do. Bring people into her life to help her become the women you designer her to be. Thank you for all the young mom's who choose to keep their babies and raise them the best they can. Help them all with this monumental task. Give them the wisdom that they need.

Lord be with her as she talks to other teenagers. I pray they will listen and hear the wisdom she has learned. Let her warnings be heard. I pray that she will carry your message of waiting till marriage. Your ways are better than our ways. Help her to learn this lesson in life.
In Jesus Name

Great Job Todd

From what I can see the 1st Dude made it home safe from the race. It looks like a 6Th place finish. Good Job!!!!

Lord, thank you for watching over our lives. Thank you for providing us with pleasures of seeing your world. We enjoy it in so many ways. Thank you for all those who go out into our world to enjoy what you have created. Be with the Palins on this day and keep them safe.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Soft heart

Good morning Father,

Today is the first day of February and I pray that as we move about our business of worshiping you, we will remember to pray for others. Lord, I pray that this month you will work in our hearts. I ask that you soften them so we will be more loving and compassionate towards all people. Lord, help us to love those who hate us.

Lord, I know that many would love to see Sarah and her family fail but Lord I pray that you will protect her an keep her shielded from harm. Lord, give her the strength to love those who desire her harm and ill will. Lord, keep her heart and ours soft and ready to love at all times.
Lord, keep us tender in the name of Jesus

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank you President Bush

Thank you President Bush

Thank you for all that you did in the last eight years for our country. I am grateful to our Father for you and your family. Thank you for your faithful service to us and our Father. I am honored to have been an American led by you. Thank you for your direction and wisdom as you guided our country though turbulent times. God bless you and Laura as you go back home to Texas and may your days be blessed by knowing that you are loved and we do appreciate all that you have done. I know of so little of things that you did, but I do know that you allowed me the freedom to raise my children and live my life in peace and in freedom. Thank you President Bush. You will be missed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lord keep the truth alive

Lord, last fall we prayed about the truth being revealed and so Lord I wanted to thank you for information that has been revealed and information that will be coming out soon. I know that even when the truth is clear as the nose on your face many will still deny it, mock it and mock the one speaking it. Lord, let it all come out. You know what needs to happen and you know what will happen. Lord we rely on you to make things right. Be with Sarah today and help her be the best at what she does. Lord it is only before you she will be judged. Help her to remember what is important eternally.
In Jesus Name

Wednesday, January 7, 2009