Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let Freedom RING!

Thank you Father for our voice.
Let it be used for good and not for evil. Let me proclaim your goodness and greatness. Thank you that with my voice I can ask for forgiveness and praise you for your almighty powers. I can use my voice to encourage others. I can use my voice to sustain democracy. I can use my voice to glorify you. Thank you for giving me a voice.
Lord, thank you for giving us Sarah who has encourages us to use our voices. Thank you for giving women like me, who love you and desire to live our lives pleasing to you, a voice to let others know that we are here in this world. We have beliefs that they do not like or understand, but we have a voice. Lord let our voices be heard. Let the call of freedom be proclaimed from every mountain and valley. Let it ring from your children far and wide. Lord let us speak and Lord let the world hear.
I pray in Jesus name.

Please continue to be with Sarah as she speaks today. Let her voice be heard far and wide. Let truth be proclaimed. Bind up the lies and show them to our nation. Let people hear the truth and understand it as truth. Give Sarah the wisdom and courage to speak what you have laid on her heart. Thank you for her and your spirit that lives within her.
I pray in Jesus Name

I have come to realize this election is not McCain vs Obama. It has come down to my way of thinking, living, believing vs theirs. I have come to understand it is not only McCain Palin that is fighting Obama it needs to be me. I need to stand up and declare what I desire for my nation, state, city, home, and my life. It is up to me not to give up, but to fight. So I am going to pronounce my support for McCain tonight after the debate. No matter how the debate goes. He has my support. I will be sending every TV local and national networks my voice. I will take a stand today.
If you would like to join me Here are the email address and web site information that you can use.
Let us let them know how we will vote and not let them tell us how we should vote.

Contact information to national networks.
Email address for NBC
Today Show
Nightly News with Brian Williams
Dateline NBC

NBC News
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10112

Meet the Press

Newsweek Editors

On this page there is a pull down for each show

CBS is a little bit more involved go to the bottom of the page and you will find a contact us click on contact us and a popup will appear with no web address fill in the blanks

Has a whole page on how to contact them

If you know of more let us know.
Let your voice be heard.

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