Sunday, October 12, 2008

God is our Hope

Dear Father,
Today is your Day Lord. It was good to be with believers this morning. I pray that Sarah and Todd and the kids get a chance to be with believers. I find it encouraging and uplifting. Thank you Lord, for your Church. Sorry we have messed it up so badly. I pray for the church that in the next few days, weeks, months, we will be able to show the world that there is hope. Our hope is not in our elected officials but in You. You are our rock and our fortress, You are my guiding light. Thank you, for your salvation and love. I pray for those who have no hope, for they have not you. Lord, help us to share with this world your hope and love.
Lord, I pray that just as you filled David when he was anointed king you will fill Sarah today. I know that she the only way she can do the job she has been called to do is with your filling. Holy Spirit flow through her. Use her this day as she walks and talks. Let your love and hope flow out through her so others can see and know you. I know that her hope for today is in you and not in our government. Lord, give her the right words to say. Let truth be spoken with boldness and clarity. Thank you again for giving us a person with principles and morals. Lord, let her speak from her heart and let the world hear You.
I pray all this in Jesus lovely name.

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