Monday, October 13, 2008

Answers to Prayer

We prayed that Piper would be able to spend time with a parent this weekend. She and her sister Willow went to the opening Flyer's game with their Mom.

Our second answer to prayer is for Bristol and her relationship with Levi. Levi speaks to the press about all the rumors going around about his relationship with Bristol. He answers many questions in an article done by the AP you can find it @

God is a good God and He even hears our simple request. Lord, Thank you for hearing our prayers.

I continue to ask that the truth is spoken clearly. Lord, thank you for giving Sarah the courage to speak about Abortion and her desire to protect Life. Thank you for her convictions on this matter. Lord, Thank you for a candidate who desires to speak out.

Give her and John McCain the gumption to proclaim the Truth loud and clear. Be with them on the campaign trail in North Carolina. Lord, thank you for what will be said. I pray that the media does not distort their message.
I pray all these things for with a grateful heart. Thank you for answering our prayers.
In Jesus Name

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