Friday, October 17, 2008

Bless Joe

Dear Lord,
I thank you for a nation who has people who work hard for their dreams. I thank you for the freedoms we have to dream a dream and the ability to pursue them. We pray that our American nation will remain a nation in which we have the freedoms to pursue our dreams, where we are not punished for our success and blessings.
Lord, a hard working man asked an honest question and now he is mocked and his life is being torn apart. Give him this day a way to hold his head up and dream his dreams even when he is being scorned. Let him know that many of us understand how he feels. Thank you for Joe, Bless him on this day. Keep him strong.

Lord, Give Sarah and Senator McCain the words to encourage all of us who are like Joe. Thank you for a ticket who desires to help us and not take what we have earned. I pray that Sarah will have the strength to do all that is laid out for her today. Keep her healthy and strong in the next 3 weeks. Each day is one less day to speak the truth so Lord give her many opportunities to touch people's lives and encourage us to be the best Americans we can be. Let her touch and see the hurts and the blessings we all share, help her to understand and be compassionate. Give her the freedom to share her heart and her generous spirit. Thank you for her. Bless the Palin family today as they travel and speak. Thank you for the blessings they have been to so many.

I pray these things in Jesus lovely name.

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