Thursday, October 16, 2008

This is my Father's World

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the beauty of this world. This time of the year the Northeast is a gorgeous place to be. Lord, I pray that Sarah and the family will enjoy the fall colors and the people in that area. Thank you for the learning opportunities they will share as a family as they go from state to state. Lord, let there be wonderful memories that they will share for a lifetime. Thank you for this unique moment in time for the Palin Family. Bless them today as they meet people let them know that the American people appreciate them. Thank you for the McCain's for having the for sight and wisdom to ask her to be the VP. Thank you for last night the debate was good and I am grateful for the strength and courage you provided for Senator McCain. Please continue to provide for their needs and provide wisdom to run a campaign. I pray that what is said and done will glorify you.
I pray in Jesus Name

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