Friday, October 24, 2008

We desire to glorify You, our Father.

Our Father,
You are a good God, I know that what ever happens on this election the end will bring you glory. If I may make one request, Lord, I thank you for giving us a voice. I pray that those who love you will be heard not only today but in years to come. I pray our message will resonate throughout our nation. We will speak boldly of You as God our Creator, the giver of life. Lord let us share with others the hope and peace only You can give.
I thank you for Sarah and how the Palin family has spoken out for you. Thank you that they have lived their lives like all of us with mistakes and successes. Lord, give Sarah and Todd the voice they need today as you bring the people to hear. Give them the strength they will need to do what they have been called to do. Thank you again for this family. Give them safety and please make the truth known on this day to the whole world.
I pray in Jesus name

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