Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let the Truth be heard

The days are slipping away very quickly. I feel like the sands in the hourglass are moving at mock three speeds. Lord, let the truth be heard, understood, and believed in these last few hours. Lord, the mainstream media is not going to tell the truth. Please show us the people who are financing our media and reveal their true agenda.

Lord, help us create other airways, avenues and methods for the truth to be told. Create for Sarah many unconventional ways for her to speak to the voting population. Bring others out to speak on her behalf.
When she speaks let the multitudes come to hear her. Bring people to her by the thousands and the ten thousands. Let her speak with confidence, clarity and truth. Give her and Senator McCain the boldness they need to turn the tide of perception from lies to truth.
Lord, we know that you are The Truth. Lord, let the world see the reality of the presidency without McCain and Palin. Reveal to the world the real danger if our country is led by Obama. Lord make the message clear and plain as to why there are certain countries who want Obama as our nest president. Lord, have mercy on us and spare our nation for four more years.
I beg of thee.
My Father let your will be done and provide for me the peace that comes know that you are in control.
In the name of Jesus Christ the Truth.

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