Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Unify the Camp

My Father,My Lord,
I pray for Sarah today, I see that there is trouble in the camp. Lord, I pray that you will remove those who wish to harm her and her ability to lead. I pray that those who work under her as her support will work well as a team with one goal. Lord, remove anyone who is seeking glory or self-recognition.

Lord, I continue to pray for godly counsel to come around Sarah and help her make the right decisions for the day and days to come. Lord, I pray that she will listen to You as you speak with her through the day. Give her time to run, and read the Word. Give her private time with Todd and the family. Help her to regain strength, and peace.

Let there be no more conflict between people who are in the McCain campaign. Lord, let forgiveness be given and received, let words of healing be spoken and for those who want to harm lead them to leave. Keep Sarah’s heart tender, gracious and strong.
In Jesus Name

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