Friday, October 31, 2008

Sustain Us

Abba Father,
Thank you for going with us in this battle so far. You have been faithful and have answered many of our prayers. Lord, I know that I pray thine will be done and I mean it more than ever if that is possible. Lord, in my mind if we lose the election then we have lost the war. Lord, give us your peace, your hope and your vision. Your hand has been on the Palin family before they were born, Lord, I know you will not forsake them or us now. Lord this war is bigger than this battle for the White house. Show us Lord where this battle takes us. I pray that we will glorify your name on Wednesday no matter the outcome. I love you and I pray to see your vision for our nation and for the Palin family. I know that you have chosen Sarah for such a time as this. Thank you for being so very faithful.
I pray in the name of the most High God

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