Thursday, October 30, 2008

Protect the family in the next 5 days

I thank you for the Palin Family. We only have 5 days left before election, so Lord give them strength. Give them the energy to continue what they have been called to do. Keep their spirits high and their hearts tender. Lord, I pray for the girls, keep their heart in tune with you. Protect them from all the evil that has be thrown their way. Lord, I pray that they will understand who their mom and dad are and they will dismiss the ugliness. Let them hear the good that is being said. Bring people around them that love them and encourage them. Lord, let them have a good over all experience.

Lord, be with Track and his unit on this day. Keep them safe and Lord, help him to know that he is in our prayers and we hope and pray for his safe return.

Lord, little Trig thank you for his life. Help him to grow up knowing he is loved not only by his parents but by you. Thank you for creating each of us. Thank you for Trig.
I pray in the name of Jesus our creator.
In the name of Jesus I humbly pray.

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realwomenforsarah said...

Very nice site! Sometimes prayer is all we have and all we need!