Friday, October 10, 2008

Your mercies are new every morning

Good Morning Lord,
Thank you for being our hope on this day. You have blessed us with a new day and I know that your mercies are new this morning. Thank you for walking with me today.

I pray for Sarah and Todd this morning. I pray they will be able to spend sometime together soon. I thank you for their friendship and I pray that their love will remain strong through this hour.
Lord, protect Todd's heart and help him not to become hard at others who say horrible things about his friend, lover, mother of his children and wife. I know that he desires to protect her. Let Todd know that you will protect the family.
Today is under your control so Lord I ask you to remind Sarah through a word spoken or read, maybe even a hug, that she is loved by you, that you have called her and you will walk with her through this day. Lord, let her see your mercies on this day. Bless and protect her children.

Thank you for this calling not only on Sarah's life but, now on all of our lives. Help us to be better informed citizens with the power to impact our land and change the attitudes of this nation. Help us to be the guiding light for our children and our country.

I pray all of this in the
Name and power of Jesus Christ.

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