Thursday, October 9, 2008

Swing States

I know that you have a plan for me and for my family. You also have a plan for our nation. Lord, help me to wait on you and except your plan as it unfolds. Lord, as you know we are in an election year. I would love for this race to be comfortable and know that we are winning but, Lord, your plan is for us to learn to trust you and wait on you.
Lord, as Sarah moves about the country and in these swing states help her to speak to not only to the nation but, with the families in these cities. Lord, help her speech to be sure and true. Give her the right answers with a cheerful spirit. Thank you for her spirit and attitude. Lord, I pray that she will have time to be with you, time to run, time to rest, and time to be with her family in some way. Lord provide the right opportunities to speak to the people of our nation. Thank you for her and her commitment to this race. Bless her and her family today. Let your light shine through her.
In Jesus Name I pray

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