Thursday, September 11, 2008

A tender heart

Our Holy Father,
Thank you for being a God who is concerned about our heart. Lord I am concerned about the hearts of the Palin family. I know that when we experience attacks, unkindness, hate, and down right meanness our hearts can become hard, broken or stay tender. Lord, some how please help the Palin family and their extended families' hearts to stay tender. Help them to forgive, to be kind to those who hate them and to do good to those who cruse them. Lord, I know that you desire for all of us to take the high road on this matter.
Lord, remind us who have rallied behind Sarah to keep our hearts tender in the next few months. Our country does not need this much hate. Lord, in our anger let us sin not and show us our sin and help us to repent and seek forgiveness when we sin. Help us to be examples of your love through out this campaign. Thank you for our candidates. Lord, I pray that all that is done and said will glorify you.

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