Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rain rain go away come again some other day.

Dear Lord,
the weather is cloudy and rainy. Lord there may be a huge rally in Florida today. Lord let your will be done at The Market Square at the The Villages this afternoon. On the Internet they are saying many people will be there. Lord I pray for this event. I pray that the rain will not be a burden and that the people will be able to come safely. Lord, give Sarah a clear mind and heart let her words match her heart Lord. Let her speech be clear and to the point. Let her only speak truth. Let her connect with the people there and let there be an excitement in the air.
Lord, If Senator McCain is there today help Him to be able to speak and respond to the crowd so that His actions and words please You. Thank you Lord for this team of will servant who desire to serve our country for the betterment of our people. Lord help us in the next 4 years to serve you as a county.
Make this a great afternoon with eternal results.
In Jesus Name

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