Friday, September 26, 2008

Let Truth be Spoken

Good Morning Lord,

Thank you for a beautiful day. I pray for our leaders of our country that they will be able to come to a decision about our countries future. Lord remove the people in power who desire to do things for their own good and glory. Lord only keep those who truly desire to put our country first in power.

Lord our media is not helping these events for they desire to have the most dramatic shows so they make up controversial stories when they should just report the facts. Shut the mouths of those who are there to harm us. Open the mouths of those who will only speak truth.

Lord, Thank you that Sarah was able to go to ground zero in New York city and see the place where evil was done to our land and our people. Thank you that her parents came from Alaska to help when the event happened. Thank you that she was raised by people who have compassion and love for others. Be with her today. Give her a day to rest and time to spend with You. Protect her from slander. Protect her family from word that are spoken to hurt and speak lies of their character, their lives and their faith. Protect John McCain from the lies and the slander. Make the truth to be pronounced through our our land. Let us see truth today. Thank you for being a GOD of Truth.

I pray in your truth and in your everlasting consistency.

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