Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Only by Your Grace

Dear Father God,

Only by Your grace do we come to you today. You have provided so much even when the times seem difficult we know that You will remain who You are. Thank you for your grace in the last few days and Lord we pray for those on the Gulf coast who are trying to put life back to normal. Lord bring to them the people who can help, the materials they need and the spiritual blessings and encouragement that makes this time passable. Lord, Show people who You are and how You desire to be part of their everyday life.

Lord I pray for Sarah and Todd on this day as they join up with Senator McCain in Vienna Ohio. Lord thank for the opportunity to speak in this state on this day. Let there be a clear message, a connection with the people of Ohio and Lord, let people see You in their lives. Lord on the plane with the staff, with the secret service guys, the media Lord I pray that you will shine through to all who walk beside Sarah and Todd.

They will have physical, emotional and spiritual needs and I do not have a clue as to what those needs will be. Lord I will rest in you for you and you alone know all of the needs that the Palin family has and the people in the Gulf coast are suffering. Lord, I will trust in you to meet these needs and let your will be done in Heaven and here on earth. Thank you for our daily bread and Lord we will trust you in all things on this day. Use me today as you see fit.
In Jeus Name

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