Friday, September 19, 2008

Lord you know my tomorrows

Lord the Alpha and the Omega
I know that you have tomorrow in the palm of your hand. I know that you know what is to come and so in uncertain days I trust you for my tomorrow. Lord, I pray for Sarah and Todd, give them the peace of knowing that your hand is holding tomorrow for them as well.
When the future is cloudy and the outcome is unsure We know that we can trust in you. Men will let us down, our economy may fail, our government will make mistakes, but God we know that you are the same yesterday, today and forever. We will trust in you. Lord on this day I pray that you will let the Palin family know that you will be the same as you have always been.

Lord, as choices need to be made on the campaign trail Lord, I pray that you will give Sarah Palin and John McCain the wisdom to make the right choice for themselves, their families and for our country. Lord, I pray that they will lean on you for guidance.

Thank you for providing the wisdom when we come to you and ask.
I pray trusting in the power of the name of Jesus

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