Monday, November 3, 2008

Let the Truth be revealed

Thank the Lord the light is shining even in the Eleventh hour. Sarah was in Lakewood Ohio this morning and she made a statement about God revealing even at this lake hour things about Obama that show us his real intent. She was talking about a tape when he was in San Fransisco talking about how our energy bills will go up because he does not plan to use coal. He will make it too expensive to mine coal.

Thank you for your light shining and thank you that Sarah gave you the credit. Lord continue to reveal more and more of the truth concerning Obama and his intentions and his beliefs. Make it clear what countries want him as our president. Make their intentions and beliefs clear. Bring out the names of the people who have given money to Obama and therefore have influence over him. Lord ,let this be heard all day long and all night long. Make it pronounced by all media avenues, all printed source and every Internet sight Lord spread the news in away that only you can. Lord, continue to reveal the Truth about this election. Let all voter fraud be found and the people who abusive the right to vote are caught and brought to justice.

Thank you Lord for your mercy. Keep Sarah and the Family safe today as they head back to Alaska. Let her be energized and strong to the very end. Let her voice be magnified, her words be clear and her message from her heart. Thank you for her. Keep her safe on this last day as she goes home.
I pray in the name of Jesus.

The Victory is the Lord's

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