Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted today

Thank you Father,
Thank you for a country in which I have the right to vote. Lord, I thank you for all who have gone to vote and bring more people out to vote. I pray that all votes will be valid and those that are not won't count. Help the people at the poles to be fair and righteous in their actions today. Lord, be with our country on this day of transition. Lord, give us a peaceful change in government. Lord, keep our citizen calm and understanding. Lord I pray for peace.

Keep Sarah and the family safe on this day as they travel to Arizona and Lord thank you for the safety you provided yesterday. This morning when she voted she thanked you for all that you have done. Lord, I echo Sarah's thanks. Bless her with rest and provide for her and the family the strength they will need today.
I pray in the name of Jesus

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